The Texas Fin

First of all, thanks for stopping in. This is the part that I get to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Xandra Alford, and I'm an artist that was both lucky and blessed to be raised in the small Texas fishing community that is Port O' Connor. I've been fishing and doodling my entire life. Finally, I had the sense to put the two together. That was how The Texas Fin got started in the beginning of 2017. Now, I'm pretty much winging this thing. I took one painting class as an elective before going to nursing school to become an RN, my full time career since 2011. Everything else I know about art, I probably inherited from my very talented mother, or taught my stubborn self. She was also the one who taught me how to find trout. Growing up, I wasn't really into tea parties and dresses(though I won't turn them down now). My Dad took full advantage of that, and raised me with a healthy respect for the outdoors. 

For all of that, I am forever thankful, and try to put that passion and perspective into my work. 


"My big fish must be somewhere"

Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea

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