"Lighthouse Cove"
20"x24" Original acrylic painting on canvas.
This piece of work was inspired by a cool, calm afternoon of chasing a group of tailing redfish and a photograph by the talented fly fishing guide and wildlife photographer Scott Sommerlatte. 
The story goes: My fiance Martin and I were out wading with my  parents. My Mom and Dad went left, and we strayed right. We stumbled upon a group of tailing reds, and we decided to chase them. We tried our best to be sneaky, but they were moving away from us anyway. I don't know how far we walked before Martin eventually gave up...and left me by myself, still determined to catch a bite. Finally, I caught up to them, almost completely out of breath, and was able to land a cast pretty close, but not close enough. I tried again and boom! Fish on! He turned right at me before he decided that that was as bad of an idea as getting hooked in the first place. I reeled him in, and it was a perfect 19" redfish specimen. I released the feisty red to catch up with his friends, and I stayed and fished in that spot until they picked  me up, too worn out to walk anymore. It was a great day, and this is the story behind this piece.

Lighthouse Cove

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